Launch of MedNirvana Health Mobile App

Launch of MedNirvana Health Mobile App

22 May, 2016

Team MedNirvana is grateful to friends and family for encouraging and helping delivering first cut, making it available for all. 100+ downloads in four days shows tremendous love, This application is a gift to common man who experience lot of hassles like delays to get right medical help, getting precise diagnosis from specialist, promote hygiene. MedNirvana is intended to boost condition of medical services in India and provide platform to vendors associated with medical services to do fair dealing with convenience. This provides the user oriented solutions around total health experience. You may tell about your mental and physical health state and let the application help you to find the solutions. It may suggest you doctors, medicines, diagnostics centers, hospitals, blood banks, medical insurances & equipments. Most importantly you may also find nearest Emergency Services in two clicks. This also provides wellness products which enhances your overall health well being.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and continue this journey with more dedication than ever for next major release.

For those who have not yet downloaded the app please follow this link:…

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